Driftwood Pizza : Streetfood comes to Pembrokeshire.

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Helen and Callum Keir, live just outside Letterston with their three cats. Helen grew up in Haverfordwest and the couple met at University in Bath where she was studying English literature and Callum, who hales from Poole in Dorset, was studying Chemistry.

A few years ago the couple decided they wanted to do something different. They researched a few options and then Helen came across an article about Street Food. They loved the idea of making and selling pizza and a horsebox seemed the ideal vehicle to work from.

Callum missed the sea and both had a passion for Pembrokeshire, spending their spare time here with Helen’s family. So when they found their horsebox and had it converted with a wood fired pizza oven, they sold their house in Bath and moved to live permanently in Pembrokeshire together. Driftwood pizza co started trading in September 2018.

“We didn’t want the overheads of a static business,” Helen explains, “and we love Pembrokeshire. It seems the perfect business for here.”

Initially they had the idea of setting up in places like beach car parks but that turned out to be very complicated requiring licences that are hard to come by. They then hit upon the idea of making arrangements with private landowners and the business has taken off.

“We are registered with environmental health and the council of course, but you don’t need a traders licence to operate on private property. We have made arrangements with a number of places like Letterston Memorial Hall, Redlands in Little Haven and Fishguard Bay.

How can people find you?

“We are working on a website but people should check out our Facebook page to see where we will be and when.”

I ask the couple if they have a background in Italian food.

“ We are not a Pizza maestro family”, Helen laughs, “ but we had a pizza oven built-in our garden in Bath and spent hours researching ingredients, watching video and practicing. We have quite a following already. People seem to really like our Pizzas.”

All of the couples Pizza are made from scratch with the very best ingredients.

They use a Neapolitan dough which is made at home from the finest of Italian flour.

Callum explains “We do a cold fermentation that involves leaving the dough in the fridge for 48 hours to develop the flavour. It’s a method approved by the Neapolitan pizza association. It makes for a thin, flexible base that is soft and puffy and light.”

I can feel my mouth-watering. We talk about some of the rather tasteless pizzas available ready-made in supermarkets. Helen explains that cheap ingredients cannot provide the very tasty flavours of a hand-made pizza using the best ingredients.

“Everything is made by us. Including our own sauces. We like a variety of cheeses from the usual ones to Scamorza which is smoky to Perl las, a blue cheese, and we use oregano and fresh basil, the best olives, and caramelised fennel root. We are planning a range of dipping sauces for the summer, all hand-made of course.”

They also make their own garlic bread using their very own garlic oil.

What about Gluten free pizza?

“That’s hard to get perfect ,” Callum says, “Our oven gets up to 400 degrees and the gluten-free flours cant withstand that kind of temperature and give the best flavour, but we are working on finding the best possible flour to make it perfect .If someone wants a gluten-free pizza we will produce something very tasty but we can’t guarantee that the environment is gluten-free because of the other flour that we use.”

“We do also make vegan pizzas which are very popular,” Helen adds.

I want to know all the varieties.

“We have a number of specials each week including vegetarian ones and meaty ones. We always have Marguerites and Pepperoni is very popular, especially with the kids. We use local ingredients wherever possible and are always researching new ideas and new local suppliers.”

Helen tells me ,“We will be Pembrokeshire fish week from 22nd June at Milford Haven, so we have some special fishy pizzas planned for that.”

All Pizzas are approximately 10 inches, stretched by hand. They range in price from £6.50 to £9.50 for a whole pizza.

Helen and Callum are available for functions and private events. Their pizzas come in bio degradable pizza boxes but they can provide plates for parties and other events. They will also make a range of salads anti pasta and pasta dishes at very reasonable prices. Perfect if you are planning a party.

I asked what their own favourite pizzas are.

“ Oh pepperoni for me,” says Callum.

For Helen its vegetarian and spicy, Mexican style,

MMMmmmmm sounds delicious !

Where to find Driftwood Pizza co:

At Fishguard Bay Caravan and Camping park: Thursday and Saturday 5 to 8.
Letterston memorial hall: Friday 5.30 to 8.30
Redlands in Littlehaven starting back soon
Sunday planned in Dinas soon.

Go to their facebook page for the most up to date information on where to find them and what delicious Pizzas will be available each week.  www.facebook.com/driftwoodpizzaco

To book them for private functions or to suggest venues email : hello@driftwoodpizzaco.uk
Or phone: 07340464157



J.D. 09.03.19
“Amazing tasting pizza. Lovely to see it made in front of you in such a quirky way. It was really tasty and you could see smell and tell only the best ingredients were used. Nice touch to our holiday at Fishguard Bay. Thank you.”

M.W. 08.11.18
“Stayed at Fishguard resort and was told about Driftwood Pizza 0Co that comes here on a Thursday so we thought we’d give it a try and OMG so glad we did absolutely amazing pizzas and garlic bread freshly made to order, would highly recommend, very friendly service, will definitely be using again when we next visit. Thank you Driftwood Pizza!”

P.T. 08.11.18
“Best pizza I’ve ever had, can’t wait to get back and have another one!”

V.T. 30.09.18
“Fantastic pizza from Driftwood Pizza Co served at Fishguard Bay Resort. Probably the best pizza I’ve ever had!”


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