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Sally Davies grew up in Caerphilly and following her psychology degree from Plymouth she went travelling, before moving to London.  

“ I have a particular affinity with Nepal,” she told me, “ I loved the friendliness of the people and was inspired to volunteer with VSO, (Voluntary Service Overseas). I imagined living in a hut in Africa out in the bush but instead I spent two years in the heart of Calcutta which made a great impression on me.” 

In 2000 Sally settled in Pembrokeshire. Working as a social worker Sally took on various roles and generally loved working with people. Her interests in personal development and exploring ways to grow had always been a part of her life and in 2010 for her 50th birthday she  treated herself to a  Naked Voice week  with Chloe Goodchild in Buckland Hall, near Brecon.  

Chloë Goodchild is often described as an  international singer, innovator, educator, and  author . She founded The Naked Voice  in 1990 using a lifetime’s experiential research into the voice as a catalyst for personal evolution and global transformation. 

Sally said, “I had been introduced to naked voice and gongs by Jules Heavens previously and I loved both. I loved the experience of finding your authentic sound and the power of that. My family always enjoyed singing. I remember car journeys as a child with my great aunt and  grandmother singing in harmony and I had been in choirs so the way sound affects you wasn’t new to me.” 

“However, Naked Voice and the power of the gongs and how they resonated inside me touched something that had been hidden .  

I went on to do a ten day intensive residential with Canadian Don Conreaux. I had looked at a gong to buy in Pembrokeshire  but I hadn’t committed myself. On the course I found it so amazing that I knew I had to have that gong. I phoned the guy and said yes on day two.”  

Don Conreaux  who was formerly known as Baba Don and Guru Jagat. is one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969.  

 Sally has increased her repertoire of instruments over the years to include crystal healing bowls, various drums and Koshi wind chimes . 

“Following 3 years training with Chloe Goodchild, I graduated as  a  Naked Voice facilitator. I then went on to spend five years working with Kim Rosen  who runs the Poetry Depths Mystery School, doing the same thing with poetry as Chloe does with sound.  It’s all about getting in touch with the real you.” 

Sally’s most recent training has taken place over the last 15 months.  The Eco shamanism course, with Mandy Pullen, which took place in  the Forest of Dean was completed  in July. 

Now Sally offers a formidable  combination of Naked Voice, Poetry Dives, gong and eco shamanic practice, running workshops  and retreats from Precious Wood  which is tucked away  between Cardigan and Newcastle Emlyn.  

“I offer monthly gong baths where I play a number of instruments including gongs and crystal healing bowls.  It’s so peaceful and relaxing in my lovely yurt in the woods” 

Who comes to these sessions? 

 “A range of people all ages. Last week there was a young girl, her mother and grandmother who all came to the gong bath together. Some have experience of meditation, some have just heard about it and come out of curiosity. Some people can go on a really deep journey. For others it’s a deep relaxation and, of course, it can be everything in between”. 

“People bring a variety of healing issues. Sometimes it’s emotional like struggling with a particular relationship. There is so much conflict and stress in the world that people want to find a place of peace within themselves. All of the practices I use help people to tap into that.” 

So you are dealing, either in groups or one to one, with issues that may be very painful for people. How do you manage their expectations and what support do you offer? 

“People are always advised that issues  can come up with this work that they were not expecting and  I encourage then to contact me to talk. I advise on how they can best take care of themselves  and I never push people to do anything that they are not happy with or feel unready for.”  

I ask Sally where she thinks people should look for support in times of crisis.  

“Try to connect with the things you love and simplify your life more. We are overloaded, so simplicity is key. Look at what we buy and try to detach from the whole machine that is trying to compel you to buy more. Look behind the advertising. What we are being persuaded to do? Food is key. I am a vegetarian and I try to eat local and organic. Grow your own food if you can . Spend time in nature.” 

I ask Sally about Precious Wood. Having attended some of her workshops I have found it a very peaceful place.  

Sally agrees that it is a real haven and explains that she also works in other places. She also enjoys  collaborating with other practitioners.  

“I love the work that I do. I am in a position to support people to blossom. I get great pleasure from that. I have lovely feedback from people.” 

There’s was one more retreat day at Precious Wood in the diary for this year, which was ‘The Gifts of Autumn Woman’, which Sally was running with her friend Amber Bates on 20 October 2019.  Hopefully we will hear more about this and other events in Sally’s newsletter.

To find out more about Sally’s work, to attend workshops or book one to one sessions email her or call her on: 


She has a monthly newsletter which can be emailed on request and  a C.D. Gonging for Peace which costs £10 including postage. 


 ‘The moment I opened my mouth and made those sounds, that was the breakthrough moment.  I experienced a sense of freedom and complete surrender, I experienced the depth of my divinity and magnificence, power that was my power, never before expressed in full, being manifested into sound.  It’s as if I can now accept that I am that person, I am that amazing because I created and witnessed it for myself.  I feel amazing.  Ever since, I am different, I have a newfound confidence, I feel more complete and I feel free.  I feel powerful in the best kind of way.’ Ananda following Naked Voice workshops.

 ‘I shall carry forth the teachings I have been exposed to, being mindful of each individual’s contribution to my heart opening to the earth, the spirits and beyond. It has been a most wonderful journey for me, shedding tears of pain and despair, sharing my naked self without feeling judged.  I have knocked at a door and it opened, smiles welcome me, various voices and tones and smells freshened my mind and soul, now I open each window with a new garden of trees, and bees, and all the living and dead beings dancing with me.’ Natercia Following a Naked Voice day retreat at Precious Wood.

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