Ghost Story Competition

It’s that time of year again. The days have drawn in, the fires are being lit, the lights are being dimmed and, in the spirit of an age-old tradition, ghost stories will be told.

We here at Pembrokeshire.Online has been talking about producing our own ghost story but, rather than try to write something ourselves, we thought it would be wonderful if you would have a go.

Not sure where to start? We suggest that a good ghost story has some of  the following elements:

You might locate your story somewhere isolated. Mysterious locations can be spooky. Choose somewhere cut off from the world. Old houses are notoriously nerve-tinglingly good settings, so are abandoned places, empty railway stations, and bleak, dark countryside with swirling mists and decaying trees.

Why has the situation that you are writing about arisen? There is usually some unresolved issue or a tragic event that has led to the ghostly goings-on.

Take it slowly. There doesn’t need to be gore… unless you want there to be. A good ghost story is about building tension.

And can you end on a  twist? Give us something we were not expecting, something to make the hairs on the back of our necks prickle and rise.


Please send your story as an attachment to with Competition in the subject space.

Your story should be no more than 1000 words long and we will need to receive it by midnight on Sunday December 22nd

The story will be judged by the Pembrokeshire.Online editorial team and the winner will be announced on January 1st.

The best story, in our opinion, will win a rug of their choice up to the value of £100. This very generous prize has been donated by MEADOW CARPETS. Meadow Carpets are based on the County Showground in Haverfordwest and are probably the largest supplier and importer of carpet, vinyl , underlay, rugs and related accessories in South West Wales.

An example of the lovely rugs available at Meadow Carpets Ltd.

We will also publish your story on Pembrokeshire.Online

And the best of Spooky luck to you!

Kitty Parsons

In love with the sea, gifted with an almost superhuman ability to bring chaos into order. Mostly tired and often to be found hibernating through the winter on the sofa, and bobbing about in the ocean in summer.

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