HaverHub Update!


What is coming up soon…

The phase 1 (first grant work) is finishing mid-March 2019!

Then volunteers start to come in and tidy up, repair and improve the rest of the site not under Phase 1 – ready for April – December events for the town.

We also have a volunteer graphic designer – watch out for signs on the building this month – printed locally of course!

And also big excitement this week… before cleaning up.. HaverHub is perfect for recreating a bit of old atmosphere.. Local film maker Gordon Main will be bringing his new feature film to Haverfordwest as he sets up and films part of ‘London Recruits’ in the old post office!

April kicks off with some events in the Depot and a big Easter fun Duck race on Sat 20th April along the river in central Haverfordwest – come and join in!

A creative team of volunteers are getting a new website organised and Delux Ducks and happy go lucky ducks will be on sale along with Haverhelpers running around with sheets to sell to all interested.

The former 3CH Beer Fest team have formally asked Haverhub to take on the popular annual beerfest having given them a bit of a rest last year.. and they liked it so get ready to charge your glasses at HaverHub in future August Bank Holidays.

A range of events are being planned to take us to December while hefty grant applications will be filled in to fund Phase 2 – the final build (we hope!) and our new Phase 2 architect begins to get their head around helping deliver a truly muli-purpose venue the County Town can be proud of!

Our partners across the water (Pembrokeshire County Council) have been doing their bit helping with various advice and expertise to develop the site – and the licensing team have visited to get us a step closer to putting in the all important full license application so that as many groups and event promoters can use the space for their own musical and social gatherings – as our TENs licenses will run out fast!

Gitti Coats

Gitti Coats
Gitti Coats
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