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I met Jo Di Francesco quite by chance recently at a friends house. In conversation she told me a little about her experience of living with cancer and her work to transform her own life and the lives of others.

We met a few weeks later and I asked her to tell me more about her life and her practice The Heart Of Transformation.

Jo told me that she lives in Begelly but grew up in Swansea  with her mum and her Italian Father. Her Welsh grandmother was from Pembroke dock so that drew her back here.

“ I always wanted to be a nurse, “ Jo told me “I trained in Aberdeen and from  there went on to work on the oil rigs”

It was a fantastic life, she explains, and she loved every moment.

What was it that you loved so much?

“ Oh the variety of the job and the wonderful people I met. I was a friend,  a sort of G P and a counsellor to people from all over the world.  I moved for about 7 years between platforms. A new rig was a new adventure. It always excited me.  I think I was very fortunate doing work that I wanted to do and I got to fly to work in a helicopter. I love flying.”

Having worked out at sea  Jo went on to go underground. As her role as medical lock attendant, she worked on the channel tunnel rail link.

“That is tunnel boring machine ( TBM) a hyperbaric unit in the centre. I operated that and rescued people if they became ill. I was involved in occupational  health as well as safety. I also did medicals.”

But in the midst of a life she loved, Jo was dealt a body blow that we all dread.

“I had extensive cancer,” she explains,” I had a brilliant surgeon but I wasn’t expected to live. I turned my attention to alternative therapy and it was the journey I went on that healed me.”

Jo had been  doing massage for 10 years which  she practiced on the men on the rigs, and she had always been  open to other forms of healing .

“ In 2014 I had the all clear of cancer . Everyone was surprised at how quickly I recovered. My first step in bringing about that healing  led me to re-connective healing with Dr Eric Pearl.”

Jo describes this as healing from the universe. She says it connects people’s strings and strands to source (quantum physics).

I had an open mind about a greater energy. I went to London for a week  and  did the  course. I really liked the healing. It was very straightforward and didn’t involve asking  the universe anything. The universe   knows what you need and I saw that energy very vividly.”

Jo could hardly walk at the time. She hadn’t been far by herself for some time following chemotherapy, radiotherapy  and surgery. She was staying  35 minute away from the course venue so each day she had to get herself there and back.

“ It felt as though something pushed me, a great energyand enthusiasm. I felt really optimistic. I knew It was going to happen.”

Jo explains that she has always felt something , a force, a guide, a presence. “There is something,” she tells me, “ I  have always astral travelled. That’s  when you sleep and your soul  leaves your body and travels independently .”

I ask Jo what she means by soul ?

“The soul is the real me without the bits hanging on me…where there is no confusion.”

These experiences gave her the confidence to continue her journey so that after the Pearl she  went on to the Template ceremonies and discovered The Breatharian Philosophy .

“I had a life long knowing that we did not need to eat, but it was spoken about there.  Three weeks after the Template ceremonies  I went away for an 8 days Breatharian retreat.”

Tell me what  happens on a breatharian retreat?

“  The first day you eat only fruit , then juice then  you go 4 days without eating or drinking. The course was facilitated by Akahi Ricardo, and his wife Camilla I was ill to begin with, so I could started fasting before anyone else and did five days without food and drink, Then  I could feel the health return.”

Jo is now a fully fledged Breatharian and teaches people the techniques that allow her to live without food, and which she believes have restored her health

“ Since becoming a Breatharian, I only drink coffee…miso and lemon juice and fruit teas. I might go between one and ten days without drinking anything . I never eat  now but I can if I want.”

Jo prefers the name Vitarian to Breatharian, which is living off life.

“We don’t need to eat or drink, she tells me, “ the sun feeds us everything. Sungazing and different breathing techniques along with mindfulness is the true nutrition.”

Gosh…I din’t think I could give up chocolate.

Jo laughs, “ I was a big chocoholic before  but  It was actually easy to give up sweets and choc. I really believed I could heal myself completely and I could feel it working for me.”

She went on to do  rebirthing breathwork with Leonard Orr and Cira Longman and had some  amazing experiences like  reliving being born with the cord around her neck.

Hypnotherapy came next with Marisa Peer, where she learned  Rapid transformational therapy.

Jo added  all of her experience and these new skills and therapies to her practice which had been around  sports massage, and Swedish massage. The breath work, she tells me is what wows people the most.

“I work from home. I can do half massage and half healing if that’s what people want.  I mix and match treatments. Usually people in their 40s come, initially with muscle strain and it’s the straw that breaks the camels back.  I run intermittent fasting retreats which I love and have some plans in the pipeline for  more  of those.  I did one in Preseli’s not long ago but am also considering other venues.”

Jo also did a talk for Rheumatoid Arthritis groups on Command cell therapy which helps to reduce pain and to slow down degeneration and  she is available  to give talks on her practice and therapies and she has an extensive knowledge of herbs and mushrooms.

She also runs breathing shares, which is breathing in unison. These usually happen once a month at her home…usually on a Wednesday evening.

“I am also interested in the  Power of 8 with  Lyne Mactaggart. It is working with the zero field in Quantum Physics. Collective intentions  are being put into the field. I would be happy for People who would like to start a group to contact me.”

Jo works with people as far afield as USA, Porto Rico, France, and Spain offering Hypnotherapy on line.

I ask Jo what kept her going when her cancer looked like it would end her life ?

“ I had an initial feeling that I would give in to it but then I knew I would be okay.  I have a passion to do the most I can for the most in this  world. I believe that’s why I am still here. I have things to do.”

I ask Jo what that is.

“I am a person to initiate people to change their belief in themselves. By that I mean making people curious, inspiring them. I feel I am a bridge to start the process of change. I can show the infinite possibilities then  people can take their own responsibility or go on to learn more with other teachers. They can seek out others to guide them.  There is a therapist and a therapy for everyone That’s what I feel about myself and people often say I have inspired them.”

What do you think is the biggest bar to good health?

 “Stress is the biggest problem It feels that we are brought into the world to compete. We feel inadequate. This gets in the way of our true potential. Getting a quiet mind and working with the breath are so important. The world is focused on judgment but the balance is tipping to the more positive. Young people are being born with a brilliant outlook.  This gives hope for the human race.”

So you envisage a brighter future for humanity?

“Life is an experience to see how far we can be pushed, how adaptable we are, to find our potentials. We are amazing but at the moment we are looking in the wrong direction. I would love to see a world without money. Without money we will have the equality that should be.  My vision is of a world that works out of pure love.  Where there is is nothing that we need or want.”

To find out more about Jo’s work, and her therapies, to book an appointment or to enquire about talks or retreats please go initially to her facebook page The Heart of Transformation.

She is also listed on


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