Humming Birds from Marc Mordey

humming birds

Another lovely poem from Marc Mordey, temporarily home from his travels.

Enjoy !



The hummingbirds are back
And all is well
They flew across the Atlantic with us
Years ago
They’d sprung from besides the Grand Canyon
They saw us through Bryce, Zion, Salt Lake City
They didn’t know
They travelled in a suitcase
Months later we flagged them up
And they’ve floated serene
Above the Bay, spinning soundlessly
Morfa, Dinas Headed,
That’s where they’ve been.
We’ve been all at sea
Whilst they, dust dogged and long winter bedraggled
Were caught up in decorators detritus
Neglected and unseen.
Refreshed, rejuvenated,
Indifferent to all the noise and chatter of this troubled globe
We reinstated our duly mobile birds
Fee flowing silhouette
Then sun burst on
Our newly pristine wall
As the chaos continues
The world may yet fall
But the hummingbirds are back
Just now
Our slice of the picture sits well
And that’s all.

Marc Mordey

Marc Mordey lives in Newport, Pembrokeshire, in a house overlooking the sea. Many of his poems are inspired by place, a sense of landscape. Also by his perspectives on living, loving and losing, as well as the impact of contemporary events, both political and social. Marc has published one collection of poetry, Marcism Today. Marc has a poetry blog,

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