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In Crete we dreamed in blue.


We had a holiday in Crete a little while back.

The sea and sky were as blue as can be. The greens were equally intense. The kingfisher combined all these colours. The sunsets bled into the sea.
Helen and I met on a Greek Island, Kythira, when she was teaching creative writing. I was one of her students…I came home with the First Prize.

Helen Carey, this one’s for you.
(Oh! And hats off to Homer too! And a muted apology to the writer of ‘Grease’)

It’s autumn
But in Crete the leaves are not yet falling
And I’m bursting with life
Olive grove glad
Back Home
In the land of the Iliad
We are here
Our 18th year
Greece, the landscape
Soaked in ancient Sage
Washed with Thyme
History beyond belief
And the nearly new
That’s me and you.
In our spring
Kythera was King
Oleander lit the way
Winding down dusted tracks to
The azure blue, Kapsali bay,
Hora above, gleaming alabaster white
In our autumnal , peacocked Crete
Kingfishers dripping jewels in flight
Across the Lake at Agir
Turtles stroke the tranquil waters at Koumas
Now, in the dream dented, honeyed night
My Cretan Queen whispers
Impish delight
“Greece is the word”
And I heard
And I heard

Helen Carey
And I heard….

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Marc Mordey

Marc Mordey

Marc Mordey lives in Newport, Pembrokeshire, in a house overlooking the sea. Many of his poems are inspired by place, a sense of landscape. Also by his perspectives on living, loving and losing, as well as the impact of contemporary events, both political and social. Marc has published one collection of poetry, Marcism Today. Marc has a poetry blog,

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