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thrift - coast

Coastal path wildflowers.

Pembrokeshire’s coastal landscape The rocks along the coast rise in an almost unbroken series from the 1.5m year old pre-cambrian base up to the coal measures dating from 300m years ago. Erosion has worn away more recent deposits.These were then massively distorted by two huge mountain-building distrubances and fragmented some sections exposing rocks such as […]

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Coast Path day nine

Just a little way above the beach you can rejoin the coast path – mind the traffic on the lane in summer as newcomers are easily distracted on the bend by the astounding view! If you are interested in the Iron Age, then this section will really appeal to you as you will soon come […]

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Outdoors at the National Botanical Garden of Wales.

Near Carmarthen, at Llanarthne, the National Botanical Garden of Wales was developed on the site of an estate once owned by the Middleton family. The Middleton Estate is in the Tywi valley and was first created in 1600s by seafaring adventurers and founders of the East India Company. In 1740 Sir William Paxton bought the […]

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Louis Okwedy

Louis Okwedy: Identity and Belonging.

It’s a pleasure to meet Louis Okwedy, the grandson of a Nigerian chief, who grew up in Tenby. You would expect there to be some  personal sense of ‘otherness’ just asking to be explored with that kind of heritage and Louis doesn’t disappoint. If you go to his website you will see the video ( A RETURN TO […]

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Thrift on the beach cliffs

Shoreline wild plants of Pembrokeshire.

With the most spectacular variation in the coastal edges in Pembrokeshire, there is a unique combination of wild plants and flowers along the extreme edges of the shores. Saltmarsh flowers Saltmarshes are formed as a flat or muddy area sheltered behind a bank of shingle or sand or else along the lowest reaches of streams […]

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trainline near the priory

Haverfordwest Priory.

In the care of CADW. Have you ever taken some time to stop and explore the ruins of the priory on the banks of the Western Cleddau in our county town of Haverfordwest? This is well worth a visit and there are lovely riverside walks if you have time to explore further along the banks. […]

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Rosey Cale, Pembrokeshire songstress

Rosey Cale’s new single!

We are honoured to have listened to Rosey Cale’s forthcoming single…The Keepers. Here’s a little bit about the track and the idea behind it…’Over the last few years I’ve written quite a few songs about heart ache and heart break. But I realised, while I’m paying so much attention to the negative guys, I’m ignoring […]

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Porthgain harbour

Coast Path day 8

Trefin to Abereiddi. From the beach walk a little way up the lane and rejoin the coast path on the right and as you reach the cliff top you will see volcanic boulders places on the promontory by farmers – it is sadly not an ancient stone circle! Ensure any dogs are on a lead […]

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Science and Learning at the Botanical Garden.

The mission of the Botanical Garden of Wales is to “inspire, educate and conserve” and it undertakes to do this by informing visitors as they explore and enjoy the surroundings, but also be providing courses, trails and special events. There is a large well-staffed science centre and much of what you can see is part […]

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party time at pennar

Village Halls: Pennar

Pennar is an example of a Pembrokeshire hall with simple needs. Tony Wilcox who kindly met me explained that the hall is efficiently run by a committee of six.  “Any more would be unwieldy.” They meet monthly and have just held their  AGM at the end of June ( 2019). Tony says that the committee […]

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