Pembrokeshire Gardens.

Summer at llwyngarreg

Review of the Year.

I didn’t realise Pembrokeshire Online had been to so many gardens this year!

Pembrokeshire does have plenty of gardens and woodlands if folks would only take time to visit them. It was a special spring in 2018 as we enjoyed wall-to-wall sun in May, June and well into July  – got us gardeners going!

For me Llwyngarreg is a stand out garden –  a hidden gem on the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire border: this is a plantsman’s dream if you are a serious plants person.This is the garden in 2019 to go to.The owners have created borders with superb planting ideas. Suzanne, the editor, and I went at the beginning of September and the colours were already vivid for autumn.You could go here any time of year with something of interest to see.

We also went to the The Wildflower Nursery,  which is just taking off and doing really well thanks to Lindsey.

Another visit was to Scolton Manor Walled garden on a  frustratingly wet Saturday, but still with so many small and larger set-ups on show.

Then in October Suzanne and I were invited to tour  The National Botanical Gardens of Wales –  these are very impressive gardens, with or without the dome.I went about a year ago, admittedly in the winter and just seemed to aimlessly walk around but this time we were working and, as well as having lunch in their lovely cafe, we went in the dome as well as exploring all the garden areas.
The  dome is the largest free-standing in the UK, I believe, and we had a guide.He had been a volunteer there for 20 years or so and it showed –  he had good knowledge and was humorous with it! All the plants in there were from allround the world so would never rubbed shoulders with their neighbours before –  think about it! That’s mind -blowing.Between us we were able to make 4 articles out of it so it was well worth  a visit and on a nice sunny day too.

Bad autumn weather prevented a trip to Glyn Back Gardens, but that one will be on the list for 2019.

Jim Saul  – Pembrokeshire Gardens

If you have any suggestions for garden visits please get in touch below:-


Just an extra Christmas thought – I spoke to an elderly lady about Christmas yesterday when I was working in her garden.

‘Do you know I have had the same artificial Christmas tree up since 1963 it’s silver and a bit threadbare –  my son keeps telling me to throw it away and buy a new one with more branches,but my old neighbour across the road said he smiles when I bring my tree out as he can see it through his window. I just don’t want to throw it away.

‘Good for you’ I said! She puts it up the first week of December every year.
I then did a quick calculation ‘in total your tree has been up for 4 years & 7 months!”

Gosh, she said, I’m going to tell all my friends!

How refreshing though in our throw- away society –  if we all kept our tree for 55 years, we wouldn’t be blighted down with all this plastic rubbish in landfill.

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Jim Saul

Jim Saul

With many years gardening experience in the UK and in France, Jim is now discovering the unique challenges and wonders of gardening in Pembrokeshire. This horticultural expert likes photography, cricket, antiques, walking , music, charity shops, animals, birds, women – not necessarily in that order! Jim works around Pembrokeshire keeping local gardens in order.

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