Beaches of Pembrokeshire : Pwll Gwaelod.

Pwllgwaelod sunset


The sunset beach.

This cove is another delightful find, but for very different reasons than my absolute favourite…yes the one that can only be reached through the rip in the space/time continuum. This lovely place is reached down a long lane, left off the A487 just passed Dinas.

Pwll Gwaelod has a pub/restaurant and a large car park. A small boatyard just near the beach has a couple of disabled parking spaces, but we warned, sometimes the local fisherman occupy those places and can be extremely rude about their right to do so.

This is a really popular place for walkers but the beach itself is never crowded. Of course there is a reason for this. Only the very top of the beach is ever dry. Consequently this is the bit people come to sit on and while not dirty, it does have that sort of untidy, overused look about it. The rest of the sand is dark, a bit oily looking really, and wet…oh my goodness is it wet.

This is the sort of beach where you need a waterproof sheet or chairs if you want to venture below the few feet of dry stuff, but its worth it. It has some rock pools at low tide and interesting rock formations. Look out for the sleeping dragon and a big pig. Oh and on a breezy day at low tide, its popular for kite flying.

Pwll Gwaelod is another dog friendly zone and it’s a lovely swimming spot though at certain times of the year and after heavy rain the sea is full of algae. I have been told it’s due to the run off from the steep fields that slope down to the beach. Personally, I have been put off by that, but there are plenty of people who enjoy a dip here and its safe tide and current wise.

sunset at Pwllgwaelod Pwllgwaelod

Where this place comes in to its own is in the evening. This is my all time favourite sunset watching beach. Campfires are not essential, but bring along firelighters and a few logs ( remember anything you find on the beach itself is likely to be sodden) but when everyone goes home settle into the dry bit ( tide allowing) and enjoy the show.

The pub will let you bring drinks away if that’s your thing and we have never been stopped from enjoying a good fire. Of course, you will responsibly put out the fire with sand and take all your rubbish home, won’t you? We really don’t want anything to change because someone didn’t show respect to the place itself and to those who will want to enjoy it tomorrow.

Oh, by the way, look out for the bunnies at sunrise and sunset…dozens of them on the lane rising back away from the cove to the main road.

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