Ever get tired of the apparently relentless tide of bad news? Sick of that ugly feeling that you are helpless in the face of the miseries of the world? Wish you could do something to make the world a better place?
Read on dear friend …read on.

Have you heard of Random Acts of Kindness?

Well, we are about to experience Random Acts of Kindness Week 2019 (from the 9th to the 15th of February), and it’s up to you and me to contribute in some way to making our beautiful Pembrokeshire an even lovelier place to be.

So? What are we talking about?

Well, we are all so busy, aren’t we, and sometimes we forget to be kind. We cut some one up on the road. We don’t even look at the person serving us in a shop. We ignore that old lady struggling with her shopping. All little things that deep down, don’t feel very good for us and don’t contribute one little bit to the well-being of the people around us.

So what if we consciously make an effort to be nice?

You might be surprised how good you can feel if you just smile at a stranger.

So that might be enough. You might decide you will use Random Acts of Kindness Week to beam at someone every day, regardless of how you might be feeling inside. That might be all, but….BEWARE… it could make you feel so good, it becomes a habit. Before you know where you are, you have moved up a level to a whole new way of being in the world.

There are lots of resources aimed at children on the internet and what better way to encourage young people to consider others than to involve them in a daily act of kindness.

How about giving flowers, leaving your pound in the supermarket trolley, visiting someone you know who is having a bad time. You could simply smile at a stranger or anonymously send a gift token to someone who is struggling.  Why not visit a neighbour, carry someone’s shopping or volunteer.  Just focussing on being positive, and  refusing to be grumpy for a whole day would make a huge difference . Pay for someone’s coffee or lunch. Slow down, practice patience. Leave a book you have enjoyed for someone to find. Donate to charity. Compliment a stranger. Take cakes or fruit to work to share. Feed the birds. Plant a tree.  Cook a meal for someone. Write a loving letter to a friend or even write a love letter to a stranger.

Yep, you read that right. An actual love letter to a stranger.

What? And How?

Well firstly, I can tell you this isn’t a new idea. I know people who have been doing this for years and believe me it’s as weird and wonderful as it sounds.

Apparently the idea came from a girl called Hanna Bencher who was lonely and depressed in a new town and started to write the letters and leave them lying about to help herself feel less isolated. She took paper and pen and began to write. She didn’t know who she was writing to. She wasn’t going to meet the person. There was absolutely no stalking involved in this. The letter took the form of saying something kind and was left in places to be found by strangers. From that simple idea it has grown and spread around the world.

Curious to have a go yourself? Hannah has some ideas about what to say on her website.

Personally, I like to start with something like ‘Dear Stranger’.

And to avoid any freaky idea that the person picking up the letter is being followed by a sinister stranger, I always like to have near the top that I don’t know you and probably never shall. I go on to say that the letter is none the less meant for them, because they are the one who has picked it up. My letters usually go on to say something like, “Whatever is happening in your life, you are an amazing unique human being. I’m thinking about you reading this letter and hoping it makes you smile.”

If you want some inspiration you can find a host of websites . We have given the links for some of these below

What then?

Oh, this is the best bit. You take them out and leave them somewhere without getting caught. I have left letters all over the world, on trains and boats, in taxis and on buses . I have left them tucked between the books in the library, between goods in the supermarket. I have left them in waiting rooms at hospitals, and doctors, railway stations and airports. I have left them in churches and temples, on park benches and in supermarket trolleys and between the pages of ledgers at work and I have left them in lifts and in lockers. At my most prolific I made every Friday my letter dropping day and I had one rule. I did not want to be caught. That took some ingenuity I can tell you but it also made me happy.

Really ?

Yes, it did. There is even research to show that people putting themselves out, people helping each other, people just being kind….those people feel good. And people who feel good look after themselves better and are healthier.

Kindness starts at home, or at least makes home a happier place to be.

So Pembrokeshire folks? Fancy giving it a go, either at the love letters or at other random acts of Kindness? There are ideas for all manner of acts of kindness on various websites including The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.
Let us know what you come up with. You can remain anonymous, or film yourself in all your loveliness.

We would love to hear from you. Just be kind, you gorgeous individual, you!

Random Acts of Kindness week 9th to 15th February 2019




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