We have just received the latest news from the REMAKERY, a unique project and the first of its kind in Wales. A community interest company REMAKERY’s aim is to re-educate the local community in repair and mend and they are working towards a zero-waste living planet.

“We deliver free repair café events, offer exclusive facilitator led repair and upcycling focused workshops and 1:1 repair surgeries. We provide an eco-reuse information and retail hub where we sell affordable quality second-hand repaired and upcycled household items from bicycles, wooden furniture, laptops, mechanical items and basic home electrical goods.”

REMAKERY tell us that, to date, the Pembrokeshire REMAKERY has saved 3 tonnes of household items from entering waste stream, through community repair and through sales. The sales take place at it’s eco reuse retail outlet in Haverfordwest . This  not only saves people money, but equates to saving 10 tonnes of Co2 emissions from entering the atmosphere, which works out the same as powering an average family home for over nine months!

REMAKERY also  host free monthly repair cafes where they fix household items for free , reducing waste, teaching skills and bringing the community together. All of that at zero cost to the public! This great work is reducing landfill waste, building stronger communities, and sharing skills, while saving people some money in the process.

This project is in demand across Wales where there are currently five successful repair cafes . Many more are on the way across south Wales.

Recent research shows that from the data analysed and methodology used, UK repair cafes offer a successful and efficient repair service to local communities, and in the process provide the potential to mitigate an average of -24 kgCO2e of GHG emissions per completed repair.

Whilst this is excellent news, repair cafes also teach new skills and build community resilience. Their workshop in The Big Green Shed in Haverfordwest is a friendly, welcoming place and a hive of activity.

The PEMBROKESHIRE REMAKERY CIC has already trailed two successful Repair Cafes, and wishes now to build on them by running these fun events on a regular basis to support the local community.

So far, they tell us, the local community Repair Cafes have brought together 30 volunteers and fixed 80 items ranging from wooden tool shafts, table lamps, drills, vacuum cleaners, wooden cabinets, a dehumidifier, a portable fridge, circular saw, generator, bicycle repairs, clothes repairs, toys, laptops and garden machinery.

They are now looking for more volunteers to support this exciting project in a number of different ways. Not only are they looking for fixers and repairers, but also people to support with hosting the days, providing refreshments, and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. This will include welcoming people with administration skills , and social media and marketing skills.

PEMBROKESHIRE REMAKERY want to hear from you if you think you can help.

Interested in working for this worthwhile project?

Get in touch with information about you would like to help out.

This lovely team of people are looking forward to hearing from you

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Stephen Merrill

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Reduce Reuse Repair Remake

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