Scam Warnings

Pembrokeshire residents and businesses are being warned by Pembrokeshire County Council Trading Standards about a couple of scams currently being operated within the County. Residents are asked to be aware of traders claiming to sell ‘left-over’ tarmac from a nearby job. People are turning up to offer to lay the excess tarmac for a very small charge but then end up asking for a large amount of money.

Pembrokeshire County Council’s Public Protection department strongly urges farmers, other rural business owners and residents not to allow themselves to be persuaded into agreeing to any work on the doorstep. Instead, they are advised to take the time to find a reputable trader which will allow them the protection offered by consumer law, including a cooling-off period following any contract being agreed.

The second warning concerns reports from local residents who have been contacted by telephone by callers claiming to be from HMRC telling them that they owe unpaid tax and need to make an urgent payment. The bogus callers have been trying to frighten residents into paying by falsely suggesting they will be visited by the police. They also offer a variety of phone numbers to contact. HMRC have confirmed that this is a scam and anyone receiving one of these should end the call immediately and report it to them.

Residents are always urged to never give your personal details to anyone over the phone, for example, you might get a call from someone claiming to be your bank or a company. They will claim to need you bank details or your computer login information. These people can be very believable and come across as being helpful. All banks state that if you are unsure about anything, contact them immediately. Banks will never phone you wanting to change your bank details or ask you to transfer money, they will if they need to, write or talk to you in person at your bank. Also please remember if it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t.

For further advice on this or any other scams, contact the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040 506 / 03454 040505 (for Welsh speakers).

For further info call 01437 764551 or



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