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One Morning in Spring by Naomi Tydeman

Another beautiful poem from our Poet Marc Mordey.

In celebration of Spring:


It’s a spring like day
And we are walking
Three dogs, you and I
In Pengelly woods
Marvelling at the cathedral of trees
Stepping through the quickening stems of wild garlic and of Bluebells, pushing up promises

There’s a rough bench to rest on
And the chance to sit
Watching the stream slip by
Calling out its spring time song
Water music for the ear
Greened bark and worsened stone
Go gently on the eye

We talk, you’re writing once more
A matter of delight
Whilst spring adopts its rites alike
We recommence our Sunday hike
Kicking up a storm of last year’s leaf fall
Marshmallowed moulded woodland floor
Winter slowly shrinking back
As the new season slides through the quietly opening door.

Marc Mordey


If you would like to contribute a poem inspired by Pembrokeshire please get in touch below:-

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Marc Mordey

Marc Mordey

Marc Mordey lives in Newport, Pembrokeshire, in a house overlooking the sea. Many of his poems are inspired by place, a sense of landscape. Also by his perspectives on living, loving and losing, as well as the impact of contemporary events, both political and social. Marc has published one collection of poetry, Marcism Today. Marc has a poetry blog,

One thought on “SPRING DRIVEN THING.”

  1. Marc has a quite unique ability to bring his thought and feeling through his poetry in such a way that one feels you are wherever he is writing about whether its of people or places.
    Its so beautifully honest and real and so understandable,i am sure those who read it find help comfort and on occasions peace through the words.

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