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climbing in Pembrokeshire

Climbers need Self Rescue Skills.

The Climbing Company, Pembrokeshire. Are you a climber???How are your self rescue skills? Be honest with yourself.. Are you already lead climbing but feel you could benefit from the knowledge of some Self Rescue Skills, for you and your partner if that worse case scenario ever occurred? It could be how to safely get yourself […]

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cliff camping Pembrokeshire

Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire.

A whole new experience with the Climbing Company. Are you coming Camping in Pembrokeshire? How about a different campsite? Cliff Camping in Pembrokeshire will make your holiday unforgettable! Have you seen pictures of climbers scaling the Big Walls in Yosemite National Park and thought it’d be cool to have a go at a bit of […]

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The perfect walking poles!

Recommendation from the Climbing Company. I break stuff easy, and am pretty fussy when it come to kit, using it day in day out for work and personal stuff. For me, a walking pole needs to be strong yet light, collapsible and small yet easily adjustable, decent baskets and a grip that extends down the […]

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Stu and team

The Climbing Company, Pembrokeshire.

Hi! My name’s Stu McInnes and I run The Climbing Company! I’m a Rock Climbing and Mountaineering Instructor based in Pembrokeshire, Wales, but spend lots of my time working (and playing!) throughout the UK rest of the world Qualifications I’m a member of the Association of Mountaineering Instructors and the Mountain Training Association, holding the […]

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more training

Autumn Climbing.

Update from Stu and the Climbing Company. Since getting back from India my feet have barely touched the ground. Straight back to work in and what seems like the end of summer in Pembrokeshire! After a great few days surfing, bouldering and adjusting back to life in Wales, I had a couple of days working […]

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