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One Morning in Spring by Naomi Tydeman


Another beautiful poem from our Poet Marc Mordey. In celebration of Spring: SPRING DRIVEN THING. It’s a spring like day And we are walking Three dogs, you and I In Pengelly woods Marvelling at the cathedral of trees Stepping through the quickening stems of wild garlic and of Bluebells, pushing up promises There’s a rough […]

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Pembrokeshire skies

Betty, elemental.

A Poem from Marc Mordey  A good friend of ours, Betty Hill, died recently. We went to her funeral service (as the Easterly wind snapped and bit its way into West Wales)  and the following quote, which she had chosen, was shared : ‘Total annihilation is impossible.We are the prisoners of an infinity without outlet, […]

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In Crete we dreamed in blue.

We had a holiday in Crete a little while back. The sea and sky were as blue as can be. The greens were equally intense. The kingfisher combined all these colours. The sunsets bled into the sea. Helen and I met on a Greek Island, Kythira, when she was teaching creative writing. I was one […]

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Winter Solstice.

 for those we love, both home and (far) away. 1. WALKING The paths are mud slides browned, rain bombed bracken and a grassy soup to walk on. Small stones, jagged shark’s teeth submerged underneath a swirling, relentless maelstrom. But, just for a while, Carningli is kinder today, a watery sunlight underway, and a ghosted moon, […]

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Singing for Fun

Reflections on Christmas.

The Christmas Gift The season of storms is upon us, but a recent, magical day, gave us the gift of the estuary, stilled and low sunlight warmed, the plumped, moss banked waters, becalmed. I look up at our house the farm nestling on the hill, where your window is soft lit and the fire burns […]

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