Tales from Pembrokeshire

stories and poetry from Pembrokeshire writers

Ancient Connections: A New Project for Pembrokeshire.

We have just received the following Press Release for an exciting new project . Watch this space. There is so much more to come. Project Launch a Great Success Ancient Connections project, launched recently in St Davids, hailed a great success by project partners and local community members alike. Over 100 people from Wales and […]

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Incident on Marloes.

A real Pembrokeshire tale. When I was young, as a family we stayed on a farm in Dale. We would walk over the airfield and somehow down the cliff top to Marloes Sands. We would swim, sunbathe play cricket and all kinds of things. Then one day with great excitement Dad said: ‘Come over here kids! […]

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Legends of Pembrokeshire: The Giantess of Pwllgwaelod.

There is a tale I want to tell you that concerns a Giantess , a Magician and the Magicians wife. Oh, and there is a cat. The Giantess’s cat. As is so often the case in ancient tales, we know the name of the Magician but we do not know the name of the Giantess […]

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The Dale Princess brings more visitors to the island

A Fisherman I am not!

A true Pembrokeshire tale from the past. When I was young, my Dad took us kids out fishing from Dale – every year from when i was about 8 until teenage years. I can honestly say the only thing I enjoyed about the trips were the eating of the fresh mackerel afterwards! We went with […]

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the ancient paths

Pembrokeshire and the Causeway of Belinus.

  What links the western edge of Pembrokeshire to Oxford and thence to a dragon myth tied to the very foundation of Wales? The answer is an ancient Celtic path known as the Causeway of Belinus. Almost everything about this dead-straight east-west line is surrounded by foggy folklore mixed with misty history. But one thing […]

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Lovers in moonlight

Dwynwen, the Princess of Lovers.

The Welsh Valentine. There’s not much to tell really of my early life. Certainly no one could have predicted what would happen. Princess I was, but one among 24 daughters. In our busy household no one would have said I stood out. Not the prettiest , not the cleverest, not  by a long way. Certainly […]

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Turning Tide – a story from Pembrokeshire.

Welcome to one of many tales from Pembrokeshire writers – Kitty Parsons. Eleanor cradles Thomas in her arms again while he weeps. She reminds him, her eyes closed against the darkens that threatens to engulf them both, of the long hot days in Egypt. “Remember”, she whispers , feeling the salt of his tears trickle […]

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