Wildlife in the county of Pembrokeshire; envrionmental issues

thrift - coast

Coastal path wildflowers.

Pembrokeshire’s coastal landscape The rocks along the coast rise in an almost unbroken series from the 1.5m year old pre-cambrian base up to the coal measures dating from 300m years ago. Erosion has worn away more recent deposits.These were then massively distorted by two huge mountain-building distrubances and fragmented some sections exposing rocks such as […]

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Thrift on the beach cliffs

Shoreline wild plants of Pembrokeshire.

With the most spectacular variation in the coastal edges in Pembrokeshire, there is a unique combination of wild plants and flowers along the extreme edges of the shores. Saltmarsh flowers Saltmarshes are formed as a flat or muddy area sheltered behind a bank of shingle or sand or else along the lowest reaches of streams […]

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Science and Learning at the Botanical Garden.

The mission of the Botanical Garden of Wales is to “inspire, educate and conserve” and it undertakes to do this by informing visitors as they explore and enjoy the surroundings, but also be providing courses, trails and special events. There is a large well-staffed science centre and much of what you can see is part […]

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the evening closed with a spectacular sunset

Shearwater Week on Skomer Island.

PART 2 – A GLIMPSE OF ISLAND LIFE VIEW FROM THE PUBLIC HIDE TOWARDS THE FARM ACCOMMODATION Welcome to Part 2 of my account of a recent stay that I enjoyed on Skomer Island. I was assisting with the annual Shearwater Week, an opportunity for the general public to stay on the island for a […]

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great glasshouse

Isn’t nature wonderful!

A tour of the great Glasshouse of the National Botanical Garden of Wales. The quote above is from one of the Volunteer Guide’s Derek Caldwell, one of a dedicated team of amateur gardener guides at the world’s largest single-span glasshouse. Every Tuesday since it opened in May 2000, Derek has shown visitors around and entertained […]

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Pembrokeshire Hedgerows.

Wildflowers along the margins. Originally used to mark ownership boundaries, or to enclose stock,  a traditional hedgerow consists of rough hedges of wild shrubs and occasional trees, usually bordering a road or field edge. Some can be traced back thousands of years and have given character to our landscape throughout the centuries. Here in Pembrokeshire, […]

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common dolphins on a previous trip

Dolphins – up close and personal.

WITH FFION OF FALCON BOATS AND MSC STUDENT, BEA ON A DOLPHIN SURVEY TRIP I was delighted to receive a suggestion last summer from Suzanne Ashworth of Pembrokeshire Online that I go to St Davids to meet and interview a 25 year old Spanish M.Sc. student, Beatriz Tintore, who was going out with ‘Falcon Boats’ […]

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Lydia shows Cal the chrysalids

Holiday fun and inspiration at National Botanical Garden.

Family great days out! Pembrokeshire Online CIC usually focusses on events within the county, but sometimes we would recommend going a little further afield for very special reasons. If you are seeking a reasonable family day out to entertain and inform all ages this school holiday, then a trip to the National Botanical Garden of […]

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Whitethorn blossom

More meadow magic!

For anyone seeking to create their own wildflower meadow in Pembrokeshire or elsewhere, there can be problems with the levels of fertility being too rich for some newly introduced seeds or plants to thrive. A good way of tackling this is to use yellow rattle, which helps to increase species diversity by suppressing the grasses. […]

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summer in the meadow

Magical Meadows.

Pembrokeshire’s meadows are home to some unusual and exceptional wildflowers, often not found in many other areas. Wild orchids and bee orchids can be seen readily, which can be quite a surprise for wildflower enthusiasts. The bee orchid is one of nature’s best mimics, although even in the clean air of West Wales, there are […]

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