The Fire Maker with Deb Winter and Tinc y Tannau.

Deb Winter and friends

I am not the only person to have been inspired and delighted by the many skills of Deb Winter. We first met in Bristol some years ago on a writing workshop that she was facilitating near my home. I was pleased to find her here in Pembrokeshire when I finally made the move myself. I have enjoyed her storytelling work shops and performances many times since.

Wherever Deb goes and whatever she does, there are no end of enthusiastic reviews of her work. I am delighted to be writing yet another.

Deb Winter, storyteller

A recent story telling event at Tregwynt Mansion entitled The Fire Maker was no exception and her collaboration with Tinc Y Tannau was inspired.

The ballroom at the mansion was packed with regular followers and new folk who just had to find out what all the fuss is about.

Home made cakes and drinks, met everyone on arrival and once seated Deb welcomed us all with her usual warmth and humour.

I really want to tell you a bit about Tinc Y Tannau. I searched the web for information about them and found some delightful images but very little information. Deb introduced the duo as Sinaid Jones and Alisa Mair Hughes, and a friend sent me some blurb from their latest C.D. I find myself agreeing with their description of themselves as having beauty and mischief at their heart. They say that they are inspired by their surroundings and that these lead them into improvisations with voice and Bass viola da gamba that I would describe as, at times, otherworldly.

What I do know is that Sinead, who lives in Cardiff , has a ten foot hand painted poem on the outside of her home which attracts much positive attention from passers by and Ailsa is credited with inspiring Deb in her story telling career after she heard Ailsa telling the tale of the Swan Maidens.

Music flowed and stories charmed a captivated audience. While Tinc Y Tannau provided a musical accompaniment, their voices as much instruments as their Violas, Deb carried us into the depths of our imaginings by painting glorious pictures with her words. A skill of which she is a grand mistress. The trio had us spell bound in the presence of archers and hounds under the moon of ancient lands, of gods and goddesses, of powerful women transformed into trees and of lovers thwarted, or worse, torn limb from limb, of fire and light, and endless patience.

The evening took us all on a journey into magical earth and consuming fire and had us wander into the deepest darkest wilds of our imagination bringing us ultimately back to the mundane with a twinkle to light our way home.

I urge you not to miss the next story telling event with deb Winter and to check out the delights of Tinc Y Tannau.

More information and upcoming events can be found on Facebook or on their websites.

A small note about the venue: This lovely building, Tregwynt Mansion is not the most accessible. There are a number of stairways to negotiate to the ballroom and the toilets. If you have mobility issues and are unsure about future events I suggest checking out the venue beforehand , maybe a call to explain your impairment issues…just to avoid disappointment. I made it, leaving my walking frame at the bottom of the stairs but I think if you are dependent upon a wheelchair to get you about you would have difficulty .
I am so glad though that on this occasion I was able to make the effort.
Thank you to the kindness of everyone.

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