The Magic of Pembrokeshire.

ghostly boat in Pembrokeshire

With my partner and dogs we set off on a pleasant but frequent walk along the coastal path. The afternoon began on the path above Aber Mawr and ended at Abercastle –  then we would retrace our steps back to the car in a sheltered lane. It was the summer of 2016 and the weather was, for once, warm and sunny without a whisper of wind.

We strode along entranced by the still sea laced with sun twinkling from small wavelets. Then half way to Abercastle the view across the bay to the cliffs surrounding Aber Mochyn caught my eye. The tide was out and had exposed a length of grey sand surrounded by rocks. This was attractive enough and an often thought wish sprung to mind, if only there was a path down to this secluded cove. But, as if to compensate me, the image twisted before my eyes.

The sand took on another dimension and a beached ship appeared. Not any old coaster or tanker that often moored further along the coast outside Pembroke, but this was a naval vessel in battleship grey complete with superstructure. I stood still in amazement, blinked quite a bit, then pointed it out to my partner. She saw it instantly:it was hard now to see the grey-sand cove, the optical illusion had taken over completely.

I zoomed in as far as the camera would go, then to our amazement a glance at the screen showed the same deception captured. Here it is above, a bit fuzzy as I have cropped the picture and, I hasten to add, without any further image adjustment and definitely no Photoshopping.

It was just another example of the magic inherent in Pembrokeshire.


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Clive Ousley

Clive Ousley

For many years Clive Ousley painted vast alien landscapes peopled by strange creatures. He exhibited paintings of these worlds in major exhibitions at The Mall Galleries, London and The Royal Birmingham. Now he writes to create these other worlds and has written seven sci-fi and fantasy novels. His novels are available on Amazon Kindle.

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