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The Magical work of Jenny Hawkyard.


I was drawn to Jenny Hawkyard’s stall at the recent Pembrokeshire Wellbeing event in Haverfordwest, because of the distinctive jewel bright images she had for sale as cards and prints. I was keen to know where she lives and works.

“I am right on the border of Pembrokeshire, “ she told me, “living and working in Cardigan, so I travel into Pembrokeshire a lot. I really love the coastal paths and the Preselis.”

Is she originally from here?

“I’ve only lived here in Wales for a little over two years so I’m still discovering all that this area has to offer and I’m constantly amazed at how much is packed into a relatively small area. There’s still so much I want to go and visit! I am always looking for inspiration for my work. I grew up in the north of England in Cumbria (the proper north 😉 and so the countryside I have found here in West Wales is quite similar, rugged, remote and beautiful. ”

Tell me something about your background.

“I’ve drawn for as long as I remember, in fact I remember thinking when I was quite young that I didn’t want to go to school, I just wanted to draw pictures all day! I used to obsessively draw horses and I do still love to draw them but I have broadened my horizons thankfully! I trained as a Graphic Designer in Canada, purely as an opportunity to live, study and work in another country where I had family. I do still do some design work and it plays a role in everything I create, though my focus is now predominantly on illustration and fine art.”

What inspires you?

“ Oh, the natural world mainly, as well as history, legends and myths. and fantastical beings. I have a pretty vivid imagination and a long queue of ideas waiting to be created! I am always looking to improve as an artist and the fact that other people find meaning in my work is very heartening! I have a number of projects in the works.”

Tell me about some of your projects.

Jenny shows me the beautiful Totem images which are an exploration of spirit animals or animal guides. “ So many people associate or are drawn to certain animals,” she explains, “ its been my pleasure to create these pieces”.

Her Angelic series, another beautiful project, are an exploration of the fantastical and spiritual as well as a look at how the male is represented in this day and age.

You really should take a look at her lovely bird images too.

“I have also just participated in an online art challenge called Inktober where I have created a pen and ink drawing for every day of the month of October. It’s a tough challenge and has taken determination and dedication but I’m happy to say I have managed to do it! Some of my creations I have made into prints which are available here.”

Jenny is also about two-thirds of the way into creating an Oracle Card deck which is similar to a Tarot deck.

How did you get started on this kind of work?

“I lived and worked in Canada for 11 years where I studied Graphic Design and then worked for a local branding and marketing agency. I returned to the UK to be close to my family again (now living in Wales) and pursue my career as a full-time artist and illustrator. As such, I spend my days drawing, painting, designing and illustrating! If I’m not working on my own projects then I’m creating custom illustrations for a range of clients both local and international and I’m proud to say my work in its various formats has ended up in places all around the globe from Japan, to the US to Australian and Europe. My passion is my art and always has been, it is how I express myself most meaningfully so the fact that in two years I have somehow managed to support myself with my creations is my most proudest achievement to date.”

Jenny produces a wide range of beautiful work, which you must see. Apart from a growing number of returning customers to her website, and her appearances at the Wellbeing show she has her shop and studio space in Cardigan called the Blue Boat. She is also now holding creative workshops in the evenings for beginners In her spare time she says that she reads or loves to walk her hound and seek further inspiration. She describes her life as very full and fulfilling. Who could ask for more.

We really urge you to check out this artists magical work. You can find Jenny at The Blue Boat, The Old Stables, 43 St. Mary Street, Cardigan SA43 1HA

Her art information and portfolio resides at

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