Unique Show at Merlin Theatre!

On Your Toes School of Dancing

Hannah la Trobe and many of her dancers from the On Your Toes School of Dance will be putting on a show to remember at the Merlin Theatre in Milford Haven on Saturday 20th July. There will be a demo from all of her students from beginners through to advanced ballet and tap!

Hannah has invited all the adults to come and take part. 45 say they would like to come and dance : Silver Swans adult ballet and adult Tap. They are travelling from Monmouth, Cardiff, Mumbles, Carmarthen, Hermon and Haverfordwest. They will have never danced there rendition of Swan lake together (we even have a man) and it really is quite an event.

On Your Toes School of Dancing is proud to present its annual end of year dance show for 2019. With students from age 3 to 83, beginners to advanced, from Pembrokeshire and beyond. A very beautiful classical dance feast that not only celebrates but exemplifies how and why the art of dance, even classical ballet, is for ALL. The magic of this performance lies in is its tale of journey – from the first movements of imagination (butterflies and ladybirds) to those who have trained for many years to perfect their pure classical lines. This year, we are also very privileged to present some of On Your Toes School of Dancing’s adult dance school; a group that totals 52 adult dancers from across Wales, from seven locations that span hundreds of miles. Travelling to Pembrokeshire to both meet and dance together for the very first time they will illuminate the stage with their performance: illustrating how the art of ballet can be loved, learnt, danced and performed at any age, regardless of physical limitations. They might even have a few other dance surprises up their sleeve!!!! We look forward to opening our dance schools doors to share our dancing dreams and glorious music. Everyone is welcome.

Tickets available by clicking link below!!


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