Walk on With Awareness with Jeni Roberts.

Jeni has very kindly agreed to write for us. She is very knowledgeable about plants and their properties and Pembrokeshire online have our fingers crossed that this is just a little introduction to the first of many future contributions.

Hi I’m Jeni Roberts and I moved to Harbour Village in 1995.

My journey to Pembrokeshire has been convoluted and serendipitous, lovely words don’t you think?

“Convoluted” reminds us of the furled petals of a flower, giving us perfume and colour. Reminding us too, of Convolvulus, the Bindweed which twists its way up through hedges of privet, opening its large white flowers to spangle the green leaves with luminous moons.

Sometimes the flowers are pink or pale mauve, but the most extraordinary is the Mediterranean Convolvulus, the deep blue Morning Glory, which is just that. It opens its blue eyes as soon as the sun rises and dies by lunchtime. BUT that beauty has a dark secret, the seeds contain a hallucinogenic chemical made by the plant to prevent animals eating its seeds.

In the 1960’s, the Hippy generation discovered, that if you ate them they gave you that other-worldly result that hemp (cannabis) and LSD did. So the plant actually achieved the opposite effect to the one intended, it attracted human beings to eat its seeds. Luckily people don’t eat a huge amount, so the Morning Glory can still produce plenty of seeds to survive.

However, I don’t advise trying this as the seeds are actually lethal in the long run! This applies to all plants, be careful what plants you eat, they may have surprising results, sometimes fatal, so KNOW YOUR PLANTS.

“Convoluted” also make us think of many of nature’s recurring patterns. Another good example is the pine cone with its spirally arranged scales, each of which hides a nutritious winged seed.

Birds and squirrels love these seeds, and eating them helps them to survive the winter. Those seeds that aren’t eaten produce new pine trees to continue the species and to keep feeding the wildlife.

I suppose nature and plants have defined my journey for as long as I can remember.  My search and curiosity has always been to discover all about the universe and why we are here. I suppose that’s the same for everyone, we just follow different paths.

I’ve had many rests on my way and at the moment I am resting here, in Pembrokeshire, having found a beautiful place to learn about the next step in my path.

Serendipity played so much of a part of it.

Again, a lovely word making one feel serene, but also making one aware of the surprising coincidences and intuitions, bringing one to this particular place and time.

There is a pattern to the universe, and if you look closely at it, you can see the beautiful mathematical designs of Chaos and Fractals, Quantum Theory, Gaia and the Celestine Vision. At last Science and Philosophy are fusing into one with the truth behind the universe. We live at a remarkable moment, chaotic but also much more enlightened.

I’m looking forward to walking on to the next step on my path perhaps it is to meet you? Is there anyone out there interested in studying The Celestine Vision and Plants? If so please get back to me. I thought a Coffee & Book Club might be an interesting possibility, in the Royal Oak, Fishguard on a Wednesday morning once a month at 11.30. I can be contacted through this magazine.

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