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First let me introduce you to my walking companion – Cwtch the Border Collie, who is now 3 and a half years old. West Wales Walks just would not be the same without her.

She has all the exuberance and intelligence of that breed and came from a  farm near Roch from working parents and she  needs a great deal of exercise and intellectual challenges!

A friend recently told me of a list she saw about how much space and exercise each dog breed would need varying from a small garden, some strolls, miles of walks and at the end of the list was:-

Border Collie – exercise space needed: WALES

Cwtch, my border collie
Cwtch, my border collie

Certainly, taking on a Collie is not for the faint-hearted as they have boundless energy combined with an enquiring mind – carefully considering whether your request or command seems the best option or most entertaining choice! Taking her for a good run before work sets me up for the day but ploughing through ankle-deep mud in the dark does have a limited appeal, so I look forward to lighter mornings. Going for a good trek in the afternoons has become a central part of every day and the late-night starry stroll is mandatory, too.

Along with Cwtch, I’ll be exploring more beaches and different stretches of the coast and country. Last year we completed the Pembrokeshire Coast Park National trail, so this year I will be exploring woodlands, rivers and hills as well as some beaches, of course!

Have you found the Dog Rover website yet?

You’ll find this great website really useful to plan the best times to take a dog to various walking locations around Pembrokeshire. They provide details of seasonal dog restrictions and give suggestions and directions to the best spots and places to enjoy West Wales walks.

October at Newgale beach
October at Newgale beach

We would love to hear about your favourite West Wales Walks – with or without a dog – so please get in touch and tell us :-

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Suzanne Ashworth

Suzanne Ashworth

Suzanne is now enjoying realising her long-held ambition to work as a Community Photojournalist and to celebrate her passion for the beautiful county of Pembrokeshire. Usually accompanied by her Pembrokeshire border collie, Cwtch.

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