We’re the Best Recyclers in Wales


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Well done us!

For the second year running Pembrokeshire has been named by the Welsh Government as the best recycler in Wales.

The Government’s recycling target is 64% and from April 2020 to March 2021, 73.2% of all waste was recycled in our county. In the previous year it was 72%.

Councillor Chris Tomos, cabinet minister for the environment, expressed pride at the achievement, saying that to have improved on what was already such a high level in the previous year was a great success.

At a time when climate change is on everyone’s mind, it is important to know that Wales ranks third in the world for recycling.

Pembrokeshire Council offers a comprehensive list on its website of items that can be recycled

Its collection service will take the following from your home:


Paper and card

Metal tins, cans and foil, including foil trays

Plastic bottles

Food waste

Dairy – cheese etc

Meat and bones


Bread and pastries

Fruit and vegetables

Tea and coffee Grounds



You can find out more, plus what days the recycling (and also household waste that cannot be recycled) will be collected at https://www.pembrokeshire.gov.uk/trade-waste/general-waste-collections. Over the Christmas and New Year period these may change so you should check online.

Kitty Parsons

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