Gardening in Pembrokeshire

Tales of Pembrokeshire.

Purslane.   Many years ago in a land far from this, a proud people roamed a land of plenty. For as long as they had lived, the Mother of the earth had nourished them. Wherever they set up camp, fresh water sprang from the ground. When they hunted, beasts fell before them and offered themselves […]

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tender fern

An unusual reason to Move to Pembrokeshire!

We moved to Pembrokeshire late January last year (2018). I’d had itchy feet since retiring in 2016 and I wanted to garden somewhere where the climate was kinder – for what I wanted to grow. We had lived in Bedfordshire for almost 40 years and had family and grandchildren all living locally. Jill is so […]

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St Davids OPen Gardens

St Davids Open Gardens

The 2nd St Davids Open Gardens Weekend will take place on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th June with the proceeds going to the registered charity, Prostate Cymru and donations to three environmental groups in St Davids. If you have ever wondered what is on the other side of a wall or hedge, or tucked behind […]

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Naked gardening day

Naked Gardening Day Is Here Again.

Oh dear, if you are easily offended , look the other way now, lock up your daughters, and your sons, and stay away from the garden centre. Yes it’s THAT day again, May the 4th already and this year 2019 it’s the fourteenth annual “World Naked Gardening Day.” Of course, if you easily connect with […]

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