The lives, stories and passions of the people who live, work and play in the county of Pembrokeshire.

inside the oven

Community Feast for Volunteers.

A great joint venture between Point and Goodwick and Fishguard Community Fridge was held last Saturday night, 28th September, to say thank you to Transition Bro Gwaun and Point volunteers. Community fridge volunteers made enough grated cheese, tomato sauce and pizza dough to make 37 pizzas – at a total cost of £1.00 (for the […]

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Three people

Autism Awareness: Available to All.

I am with Gareth, Emma and Alice at the Pembrokeshire People First office in Haverfordwest. We had such a big response to Emma’s story about living with autism that I want to know more about the Autism Awareness course she has helped to develop with her colleagues. It’s Gareth that I speak to first. He […]

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The Nevern Yew – a tale from Pembrokeshire.

Myfanwy’s Magic Runes. An exaltation of larks soared in the blue nothingness far overhead and Myfanwy’s joyful heart flew as she fleet-footed her way down from the mountain. She’d received a letter from Dafydd. He was safe, he was on leave and she would see him soon, possibly the very next evening. Meanwhile, she had […]

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Newport Parrog

The House Along The Wall.

Newport re-imagined. Karen Hayes and her family have been coming to Newport for over twenty years. The first of her three daughters was two and the second only 6 months old when they stumbled across this beautiful little haven with its ancient history. “We fell in love with it here,”she tells me at her book […]

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lady in red

Sharon McCarney: A Return To Fishguard.

Born in Fishguard to a local family, Sharon McCarney worked all over South Wales in pub management for many years. Settling for a time in North Devon, she brought her daughter up in Torquay but couldn’t resist coming home to Pembrokeshire last year and immersing herself in local life.    “I came home to Fishguard […]

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Mrs Will the Fish.

2018 South West Wales Award Winner-Best Seafood Takeaway! In 1973, when Willie Phillips solemnly vowed at his wedding to forsake all others, his bride realized that he didn’t mean a word of it. She knew that for better or worse, it would always be a ménage à trois: Willie, Jan … and his boat. For […]

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People at Point


If you haven’t already responded to Points request for feedback from the community we urge you to take part soon. There is a link at the bottom of this article. Point have been supporting young people in the north of Pembrokeshire since 2001 and at their recent open day I had a chat to Jessica, […]

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Alais, Dyslexia Tutor


Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that can cause problems with reading, writing and spelling. Having the condition doesn’t mean that a person’s intelligence is affected, but it can be very challenging. The NHS say that a person with dyslexia may: • read and write very slowly • confuse the order of letters in words […]

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endless dating of food

Food Poverty and Food Aid in Pembrokeshire.

Research findings from Pat Caplan, Goldsmiths University of London Tourists who visit Pembrokeshire for its spectacular scenery and National Park might be surprised to know that there is a high rate of food insecurity, which usually betokens poverty. Why is this? Pembrokeshire has a high unemployment rate and those jobs which are available are often […]

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I met Raul Speek at the Speek Gallery in Solva. We chatted in the body of the old converted chapel surrounded by a collection of vivid canvases in astonishing colours. I can almost feel the warmth of the Caribbean sun. Raul hails from, Cuba . The youngest of eleven children, his parents were farmers, their […]

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