Our Ghost Story Contest Winner Chooses Her Prize

Nick of Meadow Carpets with Carolyn’s choice

Recently Meadow Carpets kindly sponsored our ghostly short story competition. It was time for our winner, Carolyn Denman from Camrose, to claim her prize, but Storm Ciara was in full swing.

We made it through the rain and, thankfully, Ciara’s chilly embrace was followed by a warm welcome from Nick, the store manager.

Nick took the time to show your reporter and our winner through Meadow Carpets’ full range of rugs.

We were both impressed at the huge range, but perhaps we shouldn’t have been – the store occupies a warehouse the size of an aircraft hanger – and it didn’t take long before Carolyn had what she wanted.

Carolyn was tempted by a cute Kingdom Cats rug but was delighted with her final choice, a beautiful Valeria rug.

Kingdom Cat Rug

Nick is pictured ably displaying both. He even very kindly threw in some doormats as Carolyn hadn’t used up the whole of her £100 prize.

Thanks again to Meadow Carpets for sponsoring the competition, and to everyone who sent their stories in.

You can see more examples of Nick’s wares at www.meadowcarpets.co.uk

Look out for more writing competitions on Pembrokeshire.Online in the not-too-distant future!

Rob Barnes lives in Pembroke with his partner Kirsten. He is currently writing a novel about rural life in Pembrokeshire during and after the First World War.  

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