Greenacres Animal Rescue Needs Our Help

The following is part of an email I received today from Greenacres. As someone who already has two much-loved rescue cats from them, I greatly value their work and hope that, by my posting this, more people would see the challenges they are facing. Can you help?

Realistically the Covid-19 crisis is risking the future of Greenacres; that is the cold, hard truth; the loss of our shops and vital income is what is most threatening. The next few months are going to be extremely tough for many people, and we all face the uncertainty, but we have never needed your support more. 

The lack of funds is what will seriously threaten the future of our service and put literally thousands of animals at risk, but there are many ways you can help and not all of them involve donating money.

These are the options that will really help at this time. 

1. Donate to our Covid-19 back-up fund; this is a dedicated JustGiving page that will run for the length of this crisis, allowing supporters to donate an amount they can afford as often as they want. To choose this option please follow the this link:

2. Other ways of donating from home are:



Bank Transfer: HSBC 
Account Number:  01580299 
Sort Code:  40 23 21

Cheques can be sent to: Greenacres Rescue, Ebbs Acres Farm, Talbenny, Haverfordwest SA62 3XA. 

3. If you are shopping online, please sign up to our EasyFundraising or Amazon Smile options. Both can be used at no extra cost to you; they will make a donation to us at Greenacres Rescue after your purchase. 

Please visit – Easyfundraising. – Amazon Smile

4. Set up a small monthly donation. We understand that pennies are extremely tight at the moment, so maybe a small donation of £2 or £3 a month would be more achievable; all donations are gratefully received and much appreciated.

A standing order form can be found here (please use the details if you wish to set up via online banking):

5. Donation of animal food; as many of you are aware, we are sponsored by Burns Pet Nutrition and it takes care of supplying all the dry complete dog and cat food, so this is not a worry. It has been extremely supportive and we are extremely grateful, but many of you will also know that we have many other animals at Greenacres Rescue. Horses, sheep, cows, goats and chickens, to name a few, and we purchase all their food locally from CCF a feed store in Johnston. Many supporters like to buy things we need so this is a perfect way; orders can be made by calling the store on 01437 890473 – it will then kindly add the food to our next weekly delivery. Below is a list of what and how many we use and a price.

Coolstance (horses) £20.25 and 2 a week.
Conditioning Mix £9.75 and 2 a week.
Grassnuts £9.75 and 4 a week.
Pig Nuts £6.20 and 4 a week.
Goat Mix £6.45 and 2 a week.
Mixed Corn £7.15 and 2 a week.
Chicken pellets £6.60 and 3 a week. 

6. Make a payment directly to our vets to come off our bill. In the 12 years of our existence we have never failed to clear our vet bill each month. We pride ourselves on keeping it up to date, to be able to keep accepting animals in need, but this situation will change that. If you feel this could be a way you would like to help, making a payment directly over the telephone to Fenton Vets Haverfordwest would be most appreciated. 

This can be done by calling 01437 762806 (option 2), the receptionist will then take a secure card payment over the phone and credit our account. Please note this must be done by telephone, not by calling into the practice. 

7. Support our auctions and eBay account; both will have quality items available that we would normally sell in our shops. 

Ebay –

Auction Page –

If you can help, please do – even the smallest acts of kindness have a ripple effect. 

Thank you.

Ging has been at Greenacres since he was involved in an accident when only a year old. The accident lost him his tail and left him incontinent. He is now 11 and has the run of the barn, where he snoozes on hay bales and generally gets spoiled by the staff.

Mary, one of three cows at Greenacres

As lockdown was approaching and we had already started taking precautions and planning how we would adapt, we then received a call from a local vet about a young bull lurcher pup that was desperately ill. She was in desperate need of treatment or her future looked bleak. 

What else could we do in this situation? Look at her face!

So she was moved to Fenton Vets Haverfordwest as soon as we could; she stayed for 48 hours on a drip and had the care she needed. Thankfully, she began to improve but will need treatment for a few more weeks before she is 100%. She is now with one of our amazing foster homes, improving everyday and having the support she needs from our vets. 

Strider will not be the only animal that needs us while this crisis unfolds, but we will do our best to be there for as many as we can. 

Kitty Parsons

Kitty has forgotten how long she has been here now but she loves Pembrokeshire for its beauty and it's people. She spends her time searching out stories for, swimming in the sea , drawing and painting as Snorkelfish and eating cake. She says " has been an opportunity to celebrate this beautiful county and its people. Keep the stories coming. We love to hear from you."

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