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Jonathan Hughes

There was a time when if you mentioned hypnosis, people thought of theatregoers being convinced that they were chickens by a stage hypnotist.

We have come so far from those times, and hypnosis is now known as a highly effective method for dealing with the emotional and physical battles so many of us encounter in our daily lives.

Jonathan Hughes has honed the skills he needs as a practitioner over a lifetime, beginning long before he set up his hypnotherapy practice here in Pembrokeshire.

“I worked for many years for Mattel Inc, the world’s largest toy company, travelling across the globe, managing and training teams of people. In that time I became interested in toolkits to help others and discovered NLP and solution focused therapy. Through my work I understood that many of our limitations to success are in our own minds.  When I began using hypnosis, I knew that this was an additional tool that would really make a difference to people’s lives.”

Although Jonathan loved his work, he knew that travelling to farflung places every other week would not be something he would be doing forever. When the family fell in love with Pembrokeshire, they decided to settle in the lovely Gwaun Valley.

It is clear from his enthusiasm that Jonathan is not only passionate about what he does but that he genuinely enjoys supporting people to be the best they can be.

“Hypnosis is a very natural state,”, he says. “We can even go into a trance whilst being absorbed in watching a movie. Trance is akin to an awakened form of sleep and it allows access to the subconscious mind where learning patterns get laid down. In that state, people can fully relax but always remain in complete control.”

It is in this state of relaxation that the subconscious mind can be accessed and new healthy learning patterns laid down.

What kind of issues does Jonathan work with?

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“I work with addictions such as alcohol or smoking, and I have helped people quit smoking in as little as three sessions. Have you seen the price of a packet of cigarettes? Imagine how much money giving up saves! And I have had great results with treating PTSD and with phobias. After only one session I had a client send me a video of herself close to a spider just a few hours after treatment, and she had previously been terrified of them for over 20 years!”

Jonathan also particularly enjoys working with young people, helping them gain confidence, and he also works with anxiety and depression, and has achieved excellent results in helping people feel better about themselves and their lives.

He explains that he works holistically, recognising that we all have basic needs, both physical and emotional, and the meeting of those needs is necessary for a healthy body-mind balance.

So how does Jonathan meet his own needs while taking care of so many people?

“I am so lucky that I can wake up and look out over the Gwaun Valley each day. I jog every morning, rain or shine and enjoy yoga and prana meditation. I love that the pace of life is slower here and that people have time for each other – there is a great sense of community. It feels important to give something back, so I particularly enjoy volunteering at Theatr Gwaun.”

Sounds perfect. Does Jonathan have any tips for those of us who are looking for a bit of that peace?

“I recommend people look at a technique called HeartMath. When our hearts are beating coherently it sends a message to our parasympathetic system that everything is OK, and that in turn leads to deep feelings of relaxation. This is a simple technique for calming our chattering mind that can sometimes feel like a car alarm that won’t turn off. Simply take both of your hands and place them near your heart and focus on that area, breathing in and out for the count of three, and, while you do that, focus on all the things that you have to be grateful for in your life. Do this whenever you need to, but try it at least once daily for ten minutes to experience the benefits. And best of all, it’s free!”

Thank you, Jonathan. Sounds very soothing.

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To find out more about Jonathan’s therapies and how he works, you can find him at Wintern House Health and Wellness in Fishguard, where there is a group of professional practitioners and therapists who are passionate about healthy bodies and minds.

His fees are: £65 for the first session of 1¾ hours, then £45 for subsequent sessions.

STRUGGLING with ADDICTION? Help is just a phone call away Confidential online therapy Solution Focused Therapy with Jonathan

Contact info: Sft4you@gmail.com


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