Double Take – About Time

NS: What time is it? It may be noon here but it is midnight somewhere else. And in a galaxy far, far away it may be something quite different to half past three or a quarter to six… But all of those places exist at the same “time”. Or do they? The images we are able to see from somewhere over the universe come from another time, the distant past. The more we look at what we call “time”, the more confusing things seem to get. Is time just an idea? And if so, is it a helpful idea? How did our young selves become our older selves? And what is the difference between them – if there is any difference?

RJR: I am going to love writing on this subject, Nigel! I have always been fascinated about the subject of time. I often have dreams where I travel back in time to when I was a young mother bringing up my boys. I feel I actually find those two little boys in my dreams and I cuddle and hold them in a place that is far away in both time and space, but right here in the ether of my bedroom. Our minds are so amazing, aren’t they? 

NS: Yes. Amazing and sometimes confounding. Dreams have their downsides too. Last night, for example, I dreamed of meeting someone I let go of… whom I should have held onto… lovely to see that person and be close to them again, but not so lovely to see them slip away once more. Are “we” creating these images? Are our brains creating them? Or is something else happening? Do you sometimes feel that you are travelling not only in time but also to another reality?
RJR: What does reality mean to you?

NS: What a question! I think it is what we think we observe. I have my “reality” and you have your “reality” and so on… Beyond all our “realities” must be actuality – what actually is. But the individual observer cannot see that… any more than an individual observer can see, in one moment, everything happening at all those different “times” in the universe. So I would say that “reality” is limited and partial… and could even be called a delusion.

RJR: I love the idea of reality being a delusion. That is why I love my work as a shape-shifter. I play, every day, with what people consider to be their reality, and help them shift their beliefs, even ones gathered in childhood, and help them shift them into a new perspective – a higher vibration – a greater consciousness. Once we see there is no actual reality, we know the meaning of freedom.

NS: Is that freedom from the self? Freedom from the past? Freedom from the future? All of the above? Or is it something else?

RJR: It means a change of perception, into the concept of freedom being a mindset. To use our current circumstances of 2020 as an example – we know that everyone is responding to it differently. Of course this has a lot to do with personal circumstances. But we have more power than we think, and we are less trapped than we perhaps thought. So I mean real freedom from the limitations we created in our minds as a result of our past, our perceived future, the sense we currently make of ourselves… and probably many other something elses too! 

NS: You’ve put it very well… it’s freedom from what we know and freedom from what we think we know… and freedom from what we fear is going to happen… Without such freedom, yes, we are trapped… and we are actually trapping ourselves. But haven’t the bars of that cage that we’ve built for ourselves become a sort of security blanket? We prefer the cage we know to the freedom we don’t know – because in freedom anything might happen! I think what you have said is inspiring and that your words speak to the heart as much as to the mind, maybe even more so.

RJR: I am happy our conversation has touched you. That was my intention 🙂
NS: So, to turn back to our starting point, which was the question of time… Do you think that freedom also implies freedom from time?

RJR: Well it is interesting that the idea came for this little conversation when we were speaking together over lunch about snapshots of time. Something might be going on in the street, and some people see it, but most don’t. Seconds later, it is as if nothing happened at all. TIme can travel really quickly when we are enjoying ourselves, and at other times, it can drag like an eternity. It is all in our minds… 

NS: So time IS something that is tied up with us and how we perceive things – and it IS something that it may be possible to be free of. In freedom, perhaps we will be able to see clearly what is actually happening in the now, rather than seeing it through the prism of the past or the future.

RJR: I had a really good session with a patient today who was feeling disheartened at the idea that we might not return to ‘normal times’ for another five years. I felt she would benefit from some shape-shifting on that one! I put it to her that we have always been going through a process of change. If we look at social media, for example – our entire world has changed as a result of it over the past five years. It impacts everyone’s lives in one way or another. Thirty years ago, we had a world population half of what it is now. As well as the fact that we absolutely needed a greater awareness of so many issues that have been thrown up in the air for examination in 2020, we cannot ever go back to ‘how things were’ and that might well be a good thing. What does ‘normal times’ mean to you?

NS: This person wanted the future ‘normaiity’ to be like the past ‘normality’. But if there is only the now, as we suspect, then there is no such thing as ‘normal times’ – there is just what we are living with now… and this now is timeless.

RJR: So how do we live healthily in a timeless reality? And is there only one reality happening at this time? Does time actually exist?
NS: Maybe if we see totally that there is only now, then that in itself leads to a healthy way of being. Time seems to be something that we have invented… at one level it works, to explain and make sense of mundane things, as in linear, day-to-day time; but at much higher levels, it doesn’t seem to work. As we were discussing at the beginning of this dialogue, there are many “times” across the universe. There may be infinite “times” and infinite “realities” – but only one actuality, one whatever it is (!) that unites all the “times” and all the “realities”. But the perception/understanding of such an actuality would seem to be way beyond our pay grade!

RJR: I don’t view it as pay grades/levels. I am very happy to open to all levels of consciousness…. Why limit ourselves?
NS: So, no limit, no “reality”, no “time”… that sounds like true freedom.

Rowena J Ronson (above) is a practitioner offering an holistic integration of functional medicine, homeopathy and transformational coaching and counselling: the banner of “Double Take”, Rowena and Nigel have been jointly writing columns and dialogues for health journals and websites for the past 15 years.

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