Gardens and Meadows Open Day

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Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is encouraging people to make the most of Pembrokeshire Open Meadows Day on 2 July, with gates opening to the public across the county to mark National Meadows Day.
For example, beautiful gardens and wildflower meadows in and around Newport will be open to the public on 2 July as part of the Newport For Nature project by Newport Area Environment Group. See what others are doing in their gardens, become inspired and see hidden gems.
The day will offer the chance to visit gardens and meadows and learn about how you can make your garden more wildlife friendly, sharing tips and ideas – which plants to grow, which features to create, how you can make a difference no matter how small your space or how time-scarce your life.
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This event has been made possible by funding from Pembrokeshire Coast National Parks Sustainable Development Fund and TNLCommunityFund Awards for All.

More than 10 locations are taking part in events on 2 July organised by the Pembrokeshire Meadows Group, which aims to bring together existing and aspiring meadow owners, to connect and share their experiences.

Organisers Clare Wimperis and Nancy Miles said: “The Open Meadows Day is inspired by the Open Gardens scheme and the aim is to encourage visitors to see, smell and explore these precious and important places across Pembrokeshire, some of which are not normally open to visitors.”

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority conservation officer Julie Garlick said: “Some of the sites have received help with meadow restoration as part of the Park Authority’s Conserving the Park scheme and it’s hoped more people will be inspired to manage their land in a way that promotes biodiversity and support pollinators.

“Visitors can expect to see the meadows at their peak at this time of year as they will be filled with flowers such as yellow rattle, bird’s-foot trefoil, sorrel, meadow buttercup and ox-eye daisies.

“Some people may even spot orchids such as the heath-spotted and southern marsh orchid. If the day is warm and sunny, there should also be plenty of insects about, such as bumblebees, butterflies and other important pollinators.

“Although the National Park Authority’s meadow at Skrinkle Haven will not be able to take part this year due to road closures for the Long Course Weekend, it is open to the public all year round and provides another opportunity for people to enjoy meadows around them.”

The National Park Authority is a partner in Plantlife’s Magnificent Meadows project, which has spearheaded the creation of the Pembrokeshire Meadows Group.

To find out more about the locations taking part in the Pembrokeshire Open Meadows Day and the Pembrokeshire Meadows Group visit

To find out more about the National Park Authority’s Conserving the Park scheme visit

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