Beware of the Hornets


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Those wicked little Asian hornets have just been keeping their feelers out for warmer weather and we are being warned again as the west warms up that these are potentially dangerous insects.

Asian hornet stings can be painful and sometimes lead to serious allergic reactions. In some folks this can be dangerous, so it’s important if you are stung to take action quickly.

However, the little beasties pose a much bigger threat to our wildlife than to us humans, as they destroy honey bee colonies and munch on a number of other insect pollinators.

According to the experts a single nest of hornets can eat their way through around 11kg of insects in just a year. Add to that their rather spiteful habit of hanging around beehives, preventing native bees from going about their more helpful daily pollinating, and you can see why they are not making themselves popular.

Here are your options should you think you have sighted the unwelcome visitors. There is great concern that they do not become established in the UK

Ways to report sightings:

Online form:

App and email: to submit a suspect hornet sighting with smartphone or tablet, there is a smartphone app for Androids and iOS. The app also uses GPS which allows the user to submit the exact location of their finding, allowing any confirmed sightings to be followed up quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, you can submit your sighting by email, with as much information as possible, including location of sighting, name, contact number/address and, if possible, an image:

All records received are reviewed by entomologists at the Centre of Ecology and Hydrology and credible records passed on to the Animal and Plant Health Agency at the National Bee Unit and the GB Non Native Species Secretariat (NNSS) for further investigation.

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