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The farming year across Pembrokeshire

Worrying sheep is a crime

Park Authority appeals to walkers to control dogs during lambing season.

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is stressing the importance of keeping dogs on leads while walking around livestock, after another distressing local incident involving dogs and sheep worrying. Two heavily pregnant ewes were chased at Llanychaer, Fishguard recently, resulting in their deaths, along with their unborn lambs. With the lambing season upon us and […]

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family of badgers

Moch daear.

Badger These short-legged digging omnivores are surely one of most controversial mammals in any rural community, due to the alleged connection with bovine TB. Under the Protection of Badgers Act, 1992, these shy crepuscular creatures (active at dawn and dusk) are rarely spotted but leave traces of their activities and five-toed claw-marks around their setts, […]

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prize winner

Pembrokeshire County Show Recollections.

2018’s Agricultural Society three-day celebration. Withybush Showground was the venue for Pembrokeshire’s largest event – the annual County Show from 14-16 August. A new layout and evening opening this year marked some changes, but the traditional highlights that everyone looks forward to were all still there too. An unfortunate incident with a runaway horse marred […]

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