Pembrokeshire Women 6: Clare Ferguson-Walker

Clare Ferguson-Walker, from Tavernspite, is an award-winning performance poet, comedian, sculptor and singer whose first spoken word show, California Scheming, toured the UK to rave reviews. 

She’s supported John Cooper Clarke and Phil Jupitus in her guise as a poet – they’ve described her as “funny as f***” and “absurdly talented” – and she has headlined at literary events all over the country.

She says she has been trying not to fall asleep at the wheel on the M4 as she roams around the country talking at people, making them laugh, groan and cry, though not necessarily in that order. As a performance poet she has been described as hilarious, crude, thought-provoking – and once as awful… by a drunken heckler.

When she’s not performing her poetry/comedy, Clare says she can be found trying to make beautiful things out of clay, which often get knocked over by her kids, or painting paintings which are also often damaged by her kids, and sometimes, she can be found comforting her kids who’ve been injured by badly placed half-made sculptures.

The sculptures have gained her international recognition, with shows in Japan, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Her work appears in public and private collections all over the world and she was recently named in The Times as “one of the UK’s leading female sculptors”.

As a singer, Clare has been working with producer Craig Leon. She is holding onto dreams of hitting the big time as a rock star with her band Laika and the Falling Stars, last spotted in the further reaches of the universe supporting Dodgy, although she admits it’s probably time to get real, as she’s nearly 40.

Nigel Summerley

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