Jelly Time

Photo ©Nigel Summerley

The swimming at Goodwick is great right now. The water is warm and wonderful… with the only downside being the prospect of a close encounter with a jellyfish.

It was only after I’d finished my swim yesterday and was getting dressed on the jetty that I saw a group of jellyfish… and one sizeable one (pictured above) trailing impressive tentacles.

Fellow swimmers told me that the stings from these remarkable creatures are no worse than you might get from a nettle. I believe it… but I would still give them a wide berth…

Photo ©Nigel Summerley

Nigel Summerley

Nigel Summerley retired from The Oldie magazine to return to freelance journalism. He previously held executive staff jobs at the London Evening Standard, The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and the Daily Express before freelancing for 20 years for newspapers including The Times, The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Guardian and the ‘i’ paper, plus a wide range of magazines. He continues to write about music, travel and health, and blogs at

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