Freya’s Journey – Safe in Padstow

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You will find more information about Freya Terry’s record challenging single-handed sail around Britain and Ireland here. The following is her own account of a harrowing night. We are right behind you Freya. Please note there is a gofundme link at the bottom of this article where you can donate to support this courageous young woman on her journey.
Thanks so much to everyone who helped in the search and rescue of me and Pink Delta last night. I am safe and well, other than a minor head injury.
The plan was to arrive in Padstow by early evening but a late start meant that I missed the tidal window and spent a long time fighting the tide. I didn’t arrive by my ETA in the early evening, so the Royal Yachting Association SafeTrx app and Padstow harbour master alerted the coastguard and my family.
At this point I had no engine, 25-30 knots south-east wind and only enough power in my batteries for my navigation lights. I was out of communications, but the Falmouth coastguard began a search for me from my last known location. They didn’t find me and sent out the alert to vessels nearby. I wasn’t in danger but was having some difficulties getting to Padstow.
Then at around 10pm I was down below deck working on my navigation (back to paper and pencil) when I was hit by either a large squall or large wave side on. I felt it coming and ran to reach the tiller, the boat was knocked down and I was thrown across the boat. I hit my head and was generally a little bruised. I was sick when it happened then again 10 minutes later. I got the boat back on track and tried both my radios and mobile, I had no charge in anything. I was completely out of battery and out of communication.
At this point I set off my PLB (personal location beacon – a satellite emergency device). This alerted Falmouth coastguard that I was in immediate distress and gave them my location. A helicopter and the Padstow lifeboat were sent out to me.
The helicopter was first to locate me and they guided the lifeboat to my location. Two crew members boarded my boat and assessed me as not in immediate danger so a tow was set up to take Pink Delta to Padstow. Once the boat was secured we returned to the lifeboat station were we were met by three paramedics who took me in the ambulance to the Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro in the early hours.  I was assessed, kept for short observation and later discharged.
I am OK and glad to know that even when I was experiencing problems with communication, the system I’d put in place worked. I am so grateful to the Padstow harbour master, Padstow Lifeboat Station, Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team, my family and friends and everyone else involved in the search.
I will be taking a break in Padstow to recover physically and mentally, and get my engine and everything else fixed onboard. I’m confident that at the time I did everything that I could to keep myself as safe as possible but there are always lessons to be learned.
If you do have the resources to spare a few pennies, I would really appreciate anything to help get my engine fixed and new batteries installed.”

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