The Power of Song

After reading ROBYN FULLER’s story, below, I have signed up to her workshop. Many years ago, in my old life, I loved to sing but, like the rest of me, the voice has aged. I particularly loved the chance to join with other people and enjoy the sounds we could make. I will let you know how I get on at the workshop – maybe you will sign up too. Join me and let’s have a good old sing…



ROBYN writes:

I came to Pembrokeshire in my twenties after a bereavement, looking to run away for a while, but found so much support in the land and the people that I ended up staying. Nearly 15 years later I am still here, living near Crymych. I feel very rooted, my children were born here and I still love the land, the coast and the community.

I have many passions and interests and gather experiences to bring richness to my offerings to others. I am a song sharer, a play therapist, a crafter, a mother, a nature lover, a crumbly flapjack maker. I have always loved singing but felt too shy to share my voice until I discovered the Natural Voice way of sharing songs by ear (Natural Voice Network –

While singing with groups over the past few years I have discovered how wonderful and powerful it is to sing in harmony with others. Depending how I feel, I can choose to sing a part with others and blend my voice with theirs, or I can sing a different part, holding my own, in both ways helping to create something bigger than myself. Singing involves my whole being and feels so good – it is quick and simple and accessible and I wanted to be able to share this joy with others.

The Songs for Difficult Days workshop is full of songs that I use regularly – sometimes just to acknowledge that things are feeling rubbish, and sometimes to give myself a mantra to help shift into a different mood and resource my nervous system. Either way, the songs support me through moments of frustration, anger, anxiety or sadness and help me cope in stressful moments such as when my children are fighting or I need to remember to breathe.

As well as these themed workshops, I run a Singing Mamas group – a women’s singing group, which welcomes babies and children, where we sing songs that feel good, nourish us and connect us (

Singing lights up more of our brains than any other activity – even if we are just listening. When we sing, we are breathing, moving, learning, remembering, being in the song. And singing in a group is even more powerful – it connects people through sharing our voices and often through laughing at getting it a bit wrong.

I often forget words or get the timing a bit wonky – I’m definitely not perfect and don’t expect you to be. All voices are welcome, however they show up on the day, creaky or cranky, shaky or strong. My aim, as a song sharer, as a play therapist, is to hold space for people where they feel safe and accepted and I look forward to welcoming you to a singing circle soon.

Contact: Robyn Fuller 07949788810;

People can join WhatsApp/mailing list to be kept up to date with workshops.



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