An Artful Three at Theatr G


Next time you’re in Fishguard, why not take a wander along West Street and see if the doors are open at Theatr Gwaun? If they are, go in and have a look at the walls. All of them!

Every day until 19 July three wonderful local artists are exhibiting their paintings, drawings and photos. It’s free to look, but be careful, as you’ll probably find you want to buy something…



First of the trio is Jana Davidson, a mixed-media artist from Fishguard. Picasso had his blue period and his cubist period and no doubt others. Well, Jana has been exhibiting for some years, and over time she’s had a Biro-drawing period, a button-art period, then acrylic paintings, and now she concentrates on pieces that mix words and drawings and are composed using ink pens of different colours.

All these periods are represented in the exhibition, but naturally she’s selected mainly her current works, which you see behind her in the photo above. Very much worth taking a while to ponder.

The second artist in residence is our very own Kitty Parsons (above) from Goodwick, whom Jana encouraged to join the exhibition after she took up drawing during a lengthy lockdown hospital stay. As she was bedbound for a time, the VC Gallery kindly supported her with materials, and a new career was born.

Kitty’s works are mostly colourful drawings of gardens and underwater fishy scenes, which she was inspired to compose because she was no longer able to snorkel. Hence her pen name, Snorkelfish. She uses acrylic pens, ink, coloured pencils and acrylic paints. If Jana has her Picasso-esque periods, Kitty is somewhere between Pointillism, Henri Rousseau, and Zentangle. Can’t imagine where those three things might meet? Some examples are behind Kitty in the photo, but really, you need to see them in the flesh.

Last but not least are the landscape photographs of Barry Chantler (above) from Fishguard.

When Barry’s not running his tea business or playing mandolin, he’s generally out and about photographing the Pembrokeshire landscape. His selections for the exhibition range from Milford Haven up to Dinas Head, and all of them have an otherworldly quality. He says his secret is waiting for the right moment. If so, he’s clearly done an awful lot of very productive waiting.

Barry has recently moved into picture poems. I was particularly struck by a serene photo of a lone walker on a beach. Next to the photo is the following poem, reproduced by kind permission of Barry.


I am alone.

Soft sighs of sea and sand

invite without resistance.

My mind begins to wander.


Waves flow in ceaseless ripples.

An ebb and flow of foamy lines,

caressing sand.


Clouds drift

across a sky canvas.

Filtered sunlight catches the sea

in a web of silver light.


Seagulls float,

aimless above crested waves.

Their cries desolate.

Their sense of purpose ill-defined


Suddenly, a solitary figure,

unites this horizon of sea and sand.

Even from this distance,

I connect with lonely thoughts.


If that doesn’t put you in the mood for a walk on one of our wonderful local beaches, nothing will!

Many thanks to the three superb artists for talking to me, and for telling me about their art.

Make sure you don’t miss the exhibition – you have until 19 July, but somehow I think all three of these artists will be exhibiting again very soon.


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